The Beta Editing is Complete!

Today is a day of celebration! My goal was to finish going over Beta feedback by the end of May, and I did! It was a close call, but I made it!

Now I only have three more rounds before I achieve my final draft.  For the first of those three rounds, I will be sending my draft to two “Gamma Readers” who will give me one final appraisal of the book’s quality. After I get the Gamma draft complete, I will send it to the first of my two editors, apply those changes, and then send it to my second editor, and apply those changes.

Why so much editing? The human brain is great at plugging in corrections for mistakes by itself. I already had several people look over the book and they all missed a totally misspelled word, which I myself missed until it just happened to catch my eye. So, the more eyes on the manuscript, the better.

Once all the editing is done, I will format the book for both e-book and paperback. You’ll be able to find it for sale in November!

What are your thoughts?