About A.L.S. Vossler

I live in the American Midwest with my awesome husband, two sassy cats, one mild-mannered betta fish, and my lifetime collection of four hundred fifty-two My Little Ponies.

In 2009, I received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Concordia University Chicago.  My published works include my debut novel Charybda, short stories, creative non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, movie reviews, and several news articles. Writing is my passion, and I have been writing since I was fourteen years old.

When I am not authoring, I do a variety of other things, such as reading (mostly science fiction and fantasy), practicing the guitar, singing (sometimes not too badly), making homemade soap, making custom My Little Ponies, and pretending to do housework. I nearly live at the pool during the summer, and like to bundle up and go for walks in the cold during the winter. I like to watch a wide variety of television shows, including everything from espionage to science fiction to fantasy to children’s programming.

Much of my inspiration comes from what I see in the world around me; some of it comes from dreams, and some of it simply arises from the depth of my peculiar imagination. I recently had an idea due to a string of colorful beads at a craft store. I have always been a storyteller of sorts, and it has only evolved as I have grown.

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