Charybda is Published! But Why Does it Have a Weird Name?

Charybda: Worldstrait Book I is finally published! The eBooks went live today and the paperback is coming soon!

However, you may be wondering: “Charybda? Worldstrait? Just what is this gobbledygook and why would I want to read it?”

Well, allow me to give you some insight into the peculiar titles of my books.

“Charybda” is a fantasy word derived from Charybdis, a whirlpool monster from Greek mythology. Charybdis and the dangerous cliff monster Scylla sat opposite each other in a narrow strait, posing a danger to the ships who dared to pass through. “Caught between Charybdis and Scylla” is an expression which in modern lingo would be “caught between a rock and a hard place.” If the ships veered too close to the whirlpool, they would be sucked in; if they veered too close to the cliff, they would be destroyed.

In my novel, the Charybda are whirlpools in time and space, and Scylla is a vicious and evil dragon. There are two worlds that run alongside each other, and Charybda allow one to pass between them. Nivin, who can see the Charybda, senses that there is something not right about them…maybe even something wrong altogether. The theme of being caught between two evils is recurring in both books, as well as the age old question of “Does the end justify the means?”

The full meaning of “Worldstrait” is revealed in Book II: Scylla. Hopefully I’ve given you enough information to be intrigued, however.

For more information on the Worldstrait books, check out “The Worldstrait Books” in the menu. You can read the teaser, read the first chapter, and see maps of the world I created.

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