A Long Overdue Update

Image of A.L.S. Vossler’s Funeral Folder taken 2019 by Chris Vossler

This update is coming far too late in the process, but it’s been far too difficult to make this public on this forum before now.

Tragically, A.L.S. Vossler (Amy) lost her decade-plus battle with Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and suicidal thoughts on December 5, 2018.  She had struggled to fight off the depression that threatened to drown her ever since her parents’ deaths in December 2017, but on that fateful night, the depression overwhelmed her.  Her death has left a gaping hole in the hearts of all who knew and loved her, one which will never be filled.

Amy left an enormous body of unfinished writings, from Scylla, the sequel to her debut novel Charybda, to two entire planned trilogies of books set in entirely different universes and working within entirely different magical structures.  And everything in between.  It will be impossible to publish these novels exactly as Amy intended – some are little more than basic story concepts – but I intend to publish as much as I can as best as I can.  Unfortunately, this means that there may be a long wait for books like Scylla to be published.

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Poetry: The Ocean Overcast

Waves curl and crest, curl and crest,
Frothing white and spumy green,
Dancing turbulent beneath a brooding sky,
Whispering, roaring, whispering, roaring:
The cadence of the ocean, the cadence of the world.

“The Ocean Overcast” copyright 2018 by A.L.S. Vossler

Photo of wave copyright 2018 by A.L.S. Vossler.

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